Fleet, quality control and traceability


Seafood processing company

Uruguay is a country surrounded by the clean waters of the Rio de la Plata and the South Atlantic Ocean (FAO Zone 41) privileged with a rich variety of marine species; the fishing activity is carried out in a shared fishing area with Argentina where fishing quotas are established and regulated by a binational commission.

It is internationally recognized for the high quality of its food production and has a natural port in Montevideo and modern logistics that allows fast and efficient access to the world; besides being a country with a high level of controls that prevent piracy and depredation of marine species.

The KRIOS brand is synonymous with commitment to nature and consumers, processing and exporting seafood products destined for a wide variety of markets. The processing plant applies Good Manufacturing Practices and strictest sanitary standards, through a trained work team and leading technology.

Differential value: wild fish free of chemicals and additives, caught in a natural environment of ocean waters.


Fleet, quality control and traceability

The industrial plant is supplied by fishing vessels of its strategic partners, as well as associated vessels that guarantee the continuity of the delivery of fresh raw material for processing.

All our processes and fish products are covered by a traceability and self-monitoring program following the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and the application of the Standard Daily Hygiene Procedures (SSOP). Our logistics and facilities ensure adequate maintenance of the cold chain and optimal product quality thanks to a solid refrigeration structure and equipment designed to allow efficient processes.