On October 1, at Cabo Santa María Hotel near the Port of La Paloma, Rocha,  the Seminar on Fishery Development was held.

The meeting was opened by the Mayor of La Paloma, Mr. Sergio Muniz, then the President of the House of Representatives, Deputy Dr. Alfredo Fratti, who spoke about fishing in the social structure of the oceanic coast.

Throughout the day, several lectures were held, with the participation of speakers from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and other institutions:

  • Evolution of fisheries in La Paloma
  • Rocha and fishing, an agenda to develop
  • Fishery resources in La Paloma (coastal and offshore)
  • Sanitary hygienic considerations for the handling of fishery products
  • La Paloma, past, present and future
  • Underexploited resource: Snail
  • Perspectives from the Eastern Regional University Center for the development of a fishery plan for La Paloma-Rocha

At the end of the seminar, which lasted approximately 6 hours, a space for discussion was opened with contributions from several guests from the Chamber of Senators, Veterinary Faculty, National Directorate for Aquatic Resources (DINARA), Ministry of Transport and Public Works ( MTOP), and the Technical Director of Urexport, Mr. Enrique Bertullo.

Undoubtedly, it was a day full of information and knowledge sharing.